"All your prayers are needed. I will be putting the director's cap for the first time."

A Kannywood actress, Nafeesat Abdullahi, has announced that she will be directing a movie for the first time.

“All your prayers are needed. I will be putting the director’s cap for the first time,” she said on Friday.

Under her label, ‘Nafs Production’, she will be directing the new film titled, Zainab Ali.

Nafeesat is an actress widely acknowledged for her ability to fit into different roles in movies.

Her first blockbuster movie was in the intriguing and well applauded ‘Dan Marayan Zaki’.

In the film, she played the role of a princess who must marry a prince she does not love.

The actress has also taken part in modelling projects.

Many of her colleagues and fans have trooped to her Instagram page to congratulate her as she takes on a director’s role.


Nazir Danhajia, a Kannywood director, was quick to comment on the post. He congratulated the actress.

Zainab Booth, who posted in Hausa, also wished her a successful directing time.

The actress has received over 300 comments of goodwill from friends and colleagues.